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Swim  Lessons Join us this summer at the Walhalla Swimming pool for basic swim classes. Geared for ages 4- 12. Lessons will include breath holding, basic swim strokes, floating and basic survival techniques.

SESSION DATES                       TIMES                              RATES

1. June 8th-19th*             10:40am-11:25am              1 Session/$85.00

2. June 22nd-July 3rd*               or                             2 Sessions/$150.00

3. July 6th-17th*               5:15pm-6:00pm                 Member Rate/$70.00

4. July 20th-31st*                                                 Each Session offers 8 Classes.

5. August 3rd-14th*

*Classes are held Monday-thursday. Fridays are reserved for a weather make-up day if needed. A maximum of 2 make-up days will be provided for weather related cancellations.

To Register for Swim Lessons CLICK HERE.


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